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a JPrise Inc. tool for merging genealogy databases

The alpha pre-release of JPriseMerge is now available for evaluation.

The current version of JPriseMerge is an alpha pre-release version

"1P.0.6.050321.Fix 1st round of bugs."

Release date - March 21, 2005

For now, the installation is essentially the same for Windows, Linux and the Mac. We have tried it on Windows and Linux, and are guessing for the Mac with some help from libraries we have obtained.

  1. Create a new directory on your desktop where you would like to keep this work.
  2. Download JPriseMerge.jar -- (or and then unzip JPriseMerge.jar from it).
    1. Put it in the new directory.
    2. Do not rename it.
  3. Execute JPriseMerge.jar.
  • No matter what platform you are on, executing it depends on having a recent Java runtime installed. If you do not, click here and follow Sun's instructions. When you have done that:
    • On Windows you should be able to double-click it.
    • On Linux you may be able to click it.
      • I found it necessary to create a runjar shell script and tell linux to use it for jar files:
        #! /bin/bash
        workdir=`dirname $1`
        cd $workdir
        java -cp $1:/j2sdk1.4.1_02/jre/lib -jar $*

        sleep 10
      • telling Linux to use this script.... For now, email
      • you may open a shell, cd to the location of JPriseMerge.jar and say:
      • java -jar JPriseMerge.jar
    • On the Mac we hope you can click it. If that does not work, please help us help you so we know what to do.

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