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a JPrise Inc. tool for merging genealogy databases

The alpha pre-release of JPriseMerge is now available for evaluation.


Help Files

JPriseMerge comes with (hopefully!) a complete set of help files and tutorials which can be viewed in your favorite browser. When initially launched, JPriseMerge will place itself in a tutorial mode, and automatically open up the appropriate help document for each JPriseMerge window as they are opened. Several walk through examples are also provided which give common merge scenarios that will help you develop a good understanding of how to operate and use this tool. You can preview the help documents by clicking on this link which will open up the Help Table of Contents and navigate throughout the tutorials and help files from there. Have fun!

Wiki Wiki

Got a question? Want to add a link to your genealogy website? Advice for other users? An idea on how to improve our website? (really?) Well here is your opportunity to make a contribution to our website, and/or find an answer from us or other users... Follow these links and venture off into the interesting world of WikiWiki web pages. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with Wiki Wiki, it is an interactive server that allows you, the user, to interact with, edit, update, contribute, and change a set of web pages on a web site.) There you will find pages devoted to frequently asked questions, links to other interesting sites, and other user contributed pages.


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